Is locksmithing a dying trade?

We believe that this profession is practically disappearing. It's just moving to a different phase. From our perspective, the future looks bright. As long as there is a need for security, there will be a need for locksmiths.

As the security industry transitions to electronic locking systems, locksmiths must be willing to change and adapt to remain relevant. A locksmith is always needed, so there's always room for a locksmith to progress in his career. While the installation cost is high to become an auto locksmith, since they are specifically trained and have a great deal of knowledge, they can charge more for their experience. Internships are rare because not everyone has the mindset or attention span needed to be a locksmith and no one wants to waste time training someone who isn't enough.

Locksmiths who keep up to date with lock and alarm technologies will be better equipped to take advantage of the demand in the field created by the new construction of residential and commercial properties. CareerExplorer rates locksmiths with an F employability rating, meaning that this profession should offer poor employment opportunities in the near future. It can take a few months to years to become an experienced and knowledgeable locksmith in the industry, as experience takes time to acquire. However, some of our locksmiths prefer to work part time to enjoy spending time with family and friends and can take home a lower income.

Unfortunately for many people, locks and doors can have problems at any time and you need a locksmith to fix them. Find out what the locksmith you were offered to become an apprentice does the most and research those things in your spare time. The Certified Alarm Technician course, offered by the Electronic Security Association and supported by the Associated Locksmiths of America, is one of the specialized training courses recommended for today's locksmiths. Locksmiths earn on average around 30,000 pounds a year; this figure, of course, varies greatly depending on the number of hours or jobs you choose to work.

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