How does a locksmith know it's your house?

If a person doesn't have evidence, the locksmith will check it before leaving. If they don't show verification, they can close and close the door. Then call the police and let them sort it out. We ask for an identity document that shows your name and you live at the address you must unlock or an invoice for that residence that matches the name on the identity document (in case you just moved, are renting, etc.

DCNDC mentions that common sense is very useful in these situations and if you have reason to suspect that something shady is happening, the best thing to do is request an identity document beforehand). Our dispatchers make sure to emphasize, regardless of the situation, that identification is required before entering the facility. If they can't produce that, we tell them we can't help them. There's no point in jeopardizing your business over a phone call.

While gathering all of this documentation may seem like a challenge, it's also very important that locksmiths have rules to prove ownership. I managed to enter the building following someone, and then I camped in the hallway in front of the apartment door and called a locksmith. Call them and explain that you've locked yourself in, they can help you prove your identity to the locksmith and they may even have a spare key so you can get back in. If you know your neighbors well, ask them to help you prove your identity to the locksmith confirming that you are the tenant or the landlord.

So what information do you need to provide to your locksmith? You have to prove that you are the owner of the vehicle, car or building that the locksmith will unlock. The fact is that they are no better at opening a lock than an experienced locksmith with manual pick picks. With that in mind, locksmiths require people to prove that they are the owners before unlocking a car, business, or home. The locksmith asked him for a photo ID and, in fact, he had a form on a clipboard where he copied the information.

Once the locksmith has opened the door, he will ask you to show you an ID to confirm that you are the resident you say you are. Locksmiths have the tools needed to help people with a wide variety of services, including lockdowns. Without these strict rules, more people would be at risk of fraud by people who claim to own properties that do not belong to them and take advantage of locksmiths to access their homes, businesses and vehicles.

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